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Burst Pipe Specialist

Burst pipes can cause significant water damage to property. Trauma or worn out parts can result in a pipe expelling water at a high velocity under the sink or in the backyard.

A burst or leaking pipe may happen for a number of reasons:

  • Silicone or rubber gaskets or rubber washers wear out. This leads to leaks when water flows between pipes that have become loose at the fixtures .
  • In other instances, some customers have found that PVC pipes can crack on their exterior in certain circumstances.

In either circumstance, you’ll need a professional plumbing service to fix your problem. We’ll be more than happy to take a look at the problem no matter when it arises.

Call Majestic Plumbing right away to save money on lost water, lost time and water damages.

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Emergency After Hours

If it’s between 5:00pm and 7:00am and you’re facing plumbing problems, call Majestic plumbing for all Sydney emergency plumbing. Our plumbers operate out of the Inner West and Hills District in Sydney and can service you anywhere you are.

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It’s not worth the stress of worrying about leaking pipes or burst pipes a moment longer than you have to. Now you’ve found Majestic Plumbing, you know you have a plumber that operates near you. Our experience as service professionals fixing leaky pipes in Inner west and leaky pipes is backed up by our great customer reviews and testimonials.

We will come to you as soon as possible and inspect the problem. We will bring all the specialist equipment needed for any diagnosis and install any replacement parts as on the spot.

The presence of water filling the sink and areas in and around cupboards, floors and vanities. is a good symptom of a burst pipe or leaking sink. As a general rule, a ‘burst’ pipe will expel water at a greater rate than a ‘leaking’ pipe.

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Majestic Plumbing work across the Hills District and Inner West regions of Sydney. If you’re facing leaky sinks or leaky pipes, contact our friendly team no matter the time of day. Simply explain that you need an emergency plumber Hills District or emergency plumber Inner West.

We will assess your situation on the phone before dispatching an experienced, professional and qualified plumber straight to your location. With the right tools, equipment and experience your plumbing problem will be a thing of the past sooner than you know it.

We will find a solution if we think anything is likely to cause serious damage to sections of your house.

We can fix your leaky plumbing 24 hours per day, 7 days per week all year round. Call Majestic Plumbing today for professional and clean repairs to a burst pipe.

Our Services
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Emergency Plumbing

Our emergency plumbing services operate 24 hours per day to make sure you and your property are safe.

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Majestic Plumbing will clean up your site completely following service to your blocked drain.

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Hot Water

We can repair a burst or leaking pipe using quality parts at a competitive price, and we can do it quickly.

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Gurgling, or slow draining plumbing? Strange smells? Let us know before it becomes an emergency.

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For all your plumbing maintenance needs, as well as new installations in renovations and new constructions.

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Each job and receive a free whole house leak inspection valued at $85


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When you trade in your old water heater