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Dealing with the plumbing issues efficiently: how to unblock a drain

Best ways to unblock a drain without contacting a plumber

Obstructed drains can cause an array of problems and can be frustrating for any homeowner. They lead to backlogs of debris and waste. Moreover, it often results in rather a bad smell that deteriorates your comfort. Once you’ve noticed that your sink is clogged, the water can’t easily and smoothly flow down the drain, it’s time to discover common tactics of how to unblock a drain:

  • Apply a drain cleaner. The non-acidic liquid is a chemical product, a combination of components, that unclog pipes or drains, cleaning them from all the accumulated grease, hair, and other enemies that can be collected and lead to unpleasant trouble. Such a commercial opener works gradually and can be efficient only if clogs and collected impurities aren’t too deep.
  • Try a DIY mixture made of baking soda and vinegar. Most homeowners have to tackle severe drain obstructions with tenacity. However, sometimes, a few simple steps and do-it-yourself home remedies will be enough to fight the nasty enemies that are stuck in your pipes. And one of the techniques can be really useful. Just start pouring hot water down the drain. The next stage is to add baking soda. After, let it sit for some time and add vinegar. Don’t forget to place the plug for about 10 minutes, and the result can really surprise you.
  • Snake or a DIY wire can be helpful. You can try to clear your pipes with an alternative tactic and apply a snake or a wire, gently pushing it down the drain until you will reach the blockage. Probably, it will help you to dislodge the obstruction. However, if not, getting in touch with experts would be the smartest decision.

Here are more recommendations for more successful outcomes: 

  • Looking for the best way to unblock a drain, make sure you will be able to handle a task with safety and properly without damaging your external drainage and making problems even worse. 
  • While some issues can be fixed through a DIY approach, some tend to be more complex and homemade solutions, boiling water, or plungers aren’t always effective.
  • If you have failed the task, it is better to avoid attempting more extreme methods and rely on experts (blocked drains plumber).

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- Donna Behrens, Homeowner

post img01  img01 - Dealing with the plumbing issues efficiently: how to unblock a drain
post img01  img02 - Dealing with the plumbing issues efficiently: how to unblock a drain

DIY vs hiring a specialist: why professional assistance is better

There are some great tips you can apply to get rid of all debris and remove an obstruction from a drain yourself, however, only if it’s fairly minor trouble that doesn’t require proficient help. But if you’re feeling uncertain about coping on your own, you have tried a multitude of methods with no success, or are not quite aware of how to unblock a drain, get in touch with a competent and trained plumber or drainage expert who are capable of promptly and competently eliminating the issues with professional tools since it can bring a myriad of benefits. For example, a plumber will not only remove blockage but also will keep you away from more severe damage and problems. It means that professionals are capable of dealing with clogged drains, ensuring that debris and elements won’t build up again, and delivering long-term effectiveness. 

Seeking a reliable plumbing solution, Majestic Plumbing Services can be your soundest choice, as highly qualified plumbers minimize the scopes of a clog and fight stinky and unpleasant odors, ensuring that your home is defended against potential damage. Performing the job with utmost respect and attention to detail, experts are devoted to your satisfaction and will do their best to keep your home clog-free, enabling you to save in the long run.

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