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Right away we’ll send a plumber to your Annandale home or business. We’ll quickly get the job done whether it’s a pipe leak, clogged drain, malfunctioning tap and toilet or a serious issue with the gas fitting and hot water system.

Emergency plumber Annandale

Expect prompt response and action from us because we specialise in servicing Annandale and Inner West. Our service area includes places near The Crescent, Cohen Park, Johnstons Creek, Trafalgar St, Hinsby Park, Booth St, Collins St and Alfred St. With our fast and efficient action you can quickly move on to something else or go back to sleep, work or whatever you’re doing before the problem happened.

Customers in Annandale and Inner West choose us here at Majestic Plumbing because:

Our straightforward approach of getting the job done
We ensure quality installation and results so you won’t encounter the problem again anytime soon
We leave the site clean and neat like nothing happened
We act and respond quickly especially during burst pipes, gas fitting and hot water problems

General plumbing Annandale

Aside from the urgent repairs we also take care of plumbing installations in renovations and new constructions. We’re also straightforward in these projects because we want to focus on delivering excellent results.

Every pipe and fixture will be chosen and installed according to the highest standards so that the installation will last long. This will actually lead to savings on the long run because you spare yourself from repairs, inconveniences and potentially expensive water damage.

Phone us now at 0410 100 144 if you want it to be fast and simple. Any plumbing issue we’ll take care of it for you. You don’t have to figure out the problem or clean up the mess afterwards. Let the Majestic Plumbing do it all from start to finish.