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Whether it’s a burst pipe, minor leak or a problem with the toilet, tap, drain, gas fitting or hot water, phone us today at 0410 100 144 and we’ll be fast to solve the issue. Here at Majestic Plumbing we specialise in servicing the areas of Ashbury and the entire Inner West.

Emergency plumber Ashbury

During emergencies it’s all about being fast, straightforward and responsive. Customers know us for those traits because of how quickly and efficiently we get the job done. No matter what time you call, our responsiveness level is always high so that you can always count on us.

We’re always quick and efficient when it comes to the following:

Repairing and replacing burst pipes
Unblocking the drains and cleaning up the mess afterwards
Repairing the taps, toilets and other plumbing fixtures
Inspecting the whole structure for pipe leaks (including gas pipes)
Troubleshooting the hot water and bringing back its performance and efficiency

General plumbing Ashbury

You can also count on us when it comes to full plumbing installations whether renovations or new constructions. Everything will be done according to the highest standards so that you won’t encounter any problem anytime soon. This is also a great way of sparing yourself from potential inconveniences and costly damages and repairs in the future.

Phone us now at 0410 100 144 if you want the plumbing and hot water systems installation to be done in a neat and professional way. And whether it’s a plumbing installation or an emergency repair, we’ll always be fast and responsive because we want our customers to quickly move forward with their busy day or night.