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Right away we’ll fix the burst pipe, blocked drain, hot water problem or any other plumbing issue in your home or place of business. We can also immediately confirm the problem about leak and blockage if there are slow drains or strange smells from the water you use. Phone us now at 0410 100 144 and Majestic Plumbing will do it all according to the highest standards.

Emergency plumber Canterbury

We always act quickly because things can get worse when it comes to the following:

imgbox inner  img01 300x280 - Plumbing Maintenance Services & Emergency Plumber CanterburyWhen the plunger just doesn’t quite cut it, let Majestic Plumbing clear your pipes. Using state of the art cameras and high-pressure jet blasting equipment, we will have your drains and toilets unblocked in no time.

  1. Plumbing Repairs & Installation
  2. Drain & Sewer
  3. Cleaning/Replacement
  4. Water Heaters
  5. Water Line Installation
  6. Sump & Sewage Pumps

Blocked Drains

imgbox inner  img02 300x280 - Plumbing Maintenance Services & Emergency Plumber CanterburyWhen your hot water heater starts playing up, your really don’t have waste time waiting around for late, unprofessional plumbers. You need hot water now! Well you’ve come to the right place, we can help you with all of your hot water issues.

  1. Commercial Kitchens
  2. Commercial Bathrooms
  3. Water & Sewer Pipes & Lines
  4. Leak Detection & Repair
  5. Industrial Plumbing

Hot Water Systems

imgbox inner  img03 300x280 - Plumbing Maintenance Services & Emergency Plumber CanterburyEmergency response plumbing is our speciality. Day or night, weekend or public holiday, call us for a fast response, and will have a professional to attend in no time.

  1. Sewer line stoppages
  2. Burst washing machine hoses
  3. Kitchen and bathroom drain clogs
  4. Leaky pipes
  5. Overflowing toilets

Emergency Plumbing

Burst pipes (causes flooding and damage to property and valuables)
Malfunctioning taps and toilets (flush doesn’t work, overflow and strange gurgling, constant dripping)
Blocked drains (wastewater might flow back or the blockage might cause nasty smells)
Hot water leaks or doesn’t work perfectly (we quickly diagnose the issue and solve it so that you can use the system again)

Emergencies require fast and precise action and that’s we always do here at Majestic Plumbing. With our professional service you can be sure the job gets done right away.

General plumbing Canterbury

Our after-hours service is always immediate because we actually prepare for those hours. We understand that most plumbing issues happen at the most inconvenient times. As a result, we always have a team on standby to wait for customer calls.

Whether it’s during 9 to 5 or after-hours, we’ll be quick to service any area in Canterbury, including those at or near the busy Canterbury Rd, Close St, Broughton St and Charles St. We’re also prompt to respond at or near schools (e.g. Canterbury Public School), parks (Mary MacKillop Reserve, Tasker Park) and other locations.

Phone us now at 0410 100 144 for a professional plumbing service. Here at Majestic Plumbing we pay attention to every detail whether it’s an emergency repair, unclogging drains, repairing and troubleshooting hot water systems and new plumbing installations in renovations and new constructions.