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Sydney’s Gas Fitting Experts

When it comes to gas appliance installations, Majestic Plumbing Services offers all of the above, saving you time and potentially your warranty! If you suspect there is a gas leak or a gas repair might be necessary, our professionals can be reached 24/7!

Prompt And Affordable Gas Fitting Services Sydney

Majestic Plumbing Services is trusted throughout Sydney suburbs for all gas fitting and gas installation services. Our customers have peace of mind knowing that our plumbers are insured, experienced and as skillful as any high tier plumbers. Our professional plumbing team has you covered with all things gas installation from gas pipe fittings, to gas bayonet fittings, outdoor gas heating installation, indoor gas heater installation to installation of gas hot water systems, installation of gas cooking systems – oven installation, cooktop and stove installations, bbq installations, gas stove installations, etc. 


Gas Installation Service
Sydney Plumbing

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We Specialise In Gas Stove Installations And Gas Cooktop Installations In Sydney

Majestic Plumbing Service is trusted throughout Sydney by homeowners and business owners for all gas stove, oven and cooktop installations. Our affordable rates, paired with our professional and prompt service gives our customers the security they need to trust us with their gas installations.



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Sydney’s Gas Fitting Professionals

Majestic Plumbing Services offers a prompt and affordable gas cooktop installation service, gas stove installation service, gas oven installation service, oven installation service and stove connection service.

Experienced Stove Installation Team

With all installations of stoves, ovens and cooktops, the team at Majestic Plumbing Services comes equipped with insurance, works according to relevant regulations and with years of training and experience under our belt you can rest assured that the job will be done safely, quickly and effectively. 

Experts In Gas Bayonet Connections

To get your barbecue up and running all you need is a gas bayonet fitting. Gas bayonet connections are essential for getting that BBQ prepped, but they can also supply gas to your heaters, stoves and gas log fires. Our plumbers are all licensed to install gas bayonets so we can safely set up your gas bayonet and prepare you for your next BBQ, the winter, or any other gas related situation. We are trusted throughout Sydney for all gas bayonet connection both in residential and commercial environments. 

Installation Of Gas Bayonet For Indoor And Outdoor Use

Gas bayonets are affixed to walls or floors, with male or female fittings that join to provide a safe connection. Male fittings are applied to the relevant appliance whilst the female fitting is connected to the wall or to the wall and connected directly to the gas supply line. Whether you are looking for a gas bayonet for your outdoor gas heating or for your barbecues, or whether you are looking to install freestanding gas stoves, gas fireplaces, gas log fires, gas hydronic heating systems or general gas hot water systems, the team at Majestic Plumbing Services have you covered! 


We Will Test Your Gas Bayonets And Replace Gas Bayonet Fittings If Necessary

Like most fittings, gas bayonet fittings require maintenance and care. Over time your bayonet fittings may accumulate a build up of dirt or debris causing hazardous gas leaks. The smell of gas around your bayonet is an instant prompt to call your expert plumbers to inspect and rectify the hazard immediately.


At Majestic Plumbing Services, all of our plumbers are licensed gas fitters and qualified to operate on, install or replace bayonets. Very often, gas leaks tend to occur in the areas surrounding bayonets and replacement in the connection may be necessary to prevent further leakage. Our process is simple, and effective. We begin by diagnosing the bayonets, and identifying any leaks or damages. After successfully identifying the problem we will turn off the main gas supply and begin operating on the existing bayonet fittings, replacing them by installing new ones. We finish by restoring the gas supply and testing the bayonet fittings. 

Outdoor Gas Heating Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Or Replacement.

The Majestic Plumbing Services team specialises and is experienced in outdoor gas heating installation, as well as the maintenance, repair or replacement of outdoor gas heating systems throughout Sydney. We work on gas fireplaces and ceiling or wall mounted gas heaters of all brands. Enjoy the outdoors next winter and contact the team at Majestic Plumbing Services to install or repair your outdoor heater.

The Gas Patio Heater Installation Service You Can Trust!

Get the most out of your outdoors next winter through the installation of a gas patio heater. Sydney winters can be quite unpleasant, and most people tend to stay indoors in this season. We believe the outdoors can be enjoyed just as much in winter as they are in Summer. Indulge in the joy of entertaining people this winter in your outdoor space through the installation of a gas patio heater. Our specialists can install all brands and styles of outside gas heaters on patios, verandas, decks, gazebos, or outdoor kitchens. From installing gas pipework, to handling the bayonet fittings, to joining existing gas systems, our professionals are trusted for their end to end gas heating services.

The Commercial Outdoor Heating Experts

Sydney tourists and locals love to indulge in outdoor dining, in the vast array of restaurants scattered around the western and easter suburbs. Nothing invites customers to outdoor dining in the winter like outdoor heating. Majestic Plumbing Services is trusted by Sydney businesses for all their commercial outdoor heating needs.

Gas Heater Maintenance That You Can Rely On, And That Won’t Set You Back

Ensuring your gas heater is well maintained before winter arrives is critical to get the most out of your outdoors during the chilly season. Get in touch with our professionals today to organise an inspection for your gas heater. Our professionals quickly diagnose and identify any faults or wear and tear, in your gas heater and act promptly to prevent bigger and more expensive issues.